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A Refuge for Artistic Expression: XX Century Georgian Scenography. Paris – Berlin – Tbilisi

The exhibition is dedicated to Georgian scenography born of the 20th century.
The specific character of Georgian decorative theatre art is due both to the historical tradition of Georgian culture and the theatrical nature of the Georgian people themselves, especially with their perception of life being based upon a theatrical aesthetic.
The features of Georgian scenography are also defined by the country’s geo-political situation.  On one side, there is the emotional and decorative world of the East.  On the other side — the rational and ever-progressive world of the West.
Georgian scenography has always assumed a rather avant-garde position in the national art.  During difficult periods for the country, the theatre was a sort of niche where artists could freely express their attitudes towards the essence and form of art.  The physical space of the theatre became a laboratory, or refuge, for experiments protected from external pressures.
The exhibition tries to present Georgian scenography from this perspective, especially with regards to the general artistic principles established in Europe.  During the century of its development and evolution, Georgian theatre art has been characterised by a coexistence of abstract or spatial forms, the dynamic and overwhelming rhythm of futurism and the exuberant colouring of expressionism which aimed at emphasising the particular character and emotions of each individual performance.  In addition, there are also very obvious aspects of modern art with a mélange of romantic, naturalistic and architectonic features creating the unique decorative character.  With all of these multi-faceted components, however, Georgian scenography never lost the spirit of imagination which is the spirit of the theatre itself.
The exhibition provides a glimpse into the many faces of 20th century Georgian scenography and gives the opportunity to see and appreciate the individuality of each artist.  The works of Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi, Petre Otskheli, Irakli Gamrekeli, Kirill Zdanevich, Soliko Virsaladze, Sergo Kobuladze, Irina Stenberg, Giorgi Gunia, Koka Ignatov, Teimuraz Murvanidze, Mirian Shvelidze and others are presented here to show Georgian theatre as a place where the “artist” appears as the “master of the stage.”
A Refuge for Artistic Expression:  XX Century Georgian Scenography is organised by Europe House and supported by the Institut Français and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

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