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Architectural décor of the small clay of west Georgian plastic of late bronze - early iron period

Maia Izoria
Art critic Docto

1. In our country’s archeological findings anthropomorphic and zoomorphic clay small plastic belongs to monuments of ancient religious rituals and its drawing point represents ancient belief symbols. In such way it is connected with space-volume forms which presentation begins from early bronze period and from beginning of cultural-ritual everyday usable things (Keriis supports) by synthesis is established in Mtkvar-Araks cultural residence area.

2. A Clay Kameral sculpture dated from late bronze-early iron period in case of space form elements combinations takes much large scale and tendency character. On the one hand ritual vessel and semantically important things of the same purpose becomes indivisible part of painting. In common with Asia and Egos world cultures distributes in form of small architectural forms sculptural décors and population (Sxinvalis hill, Xovle, Qatlavekhevi, Samtavro, Narekvavi, Ghrmakhevistavi) in space getting alter and sacrifice place forms. Altar’s interior (Qatlanikhevi) relief image represents in solitary cases.
3. Altar-sacrifice sculpture décor is near to stylistically to clay Kameral monuments but as for architectural forms décor has distinct character. At the same time from early Asia-Egos samples of common painting view still represents different local variant.

ნანახია: 12020-ჯერ  
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