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About one directors’ interpretation of A. Chekhov’s “Cherry Orchard”

Elene Tumanishvili
Beyond the thoughts and writings one can always find the author’s personality. It is interesting to touch, to approach a person’s inner world. For this reason we choose M. Tumanishvili’s, the director’s plan of A. Chekhov’s “Cherry Orchard”, where one can see the personality and the character of this artist. First of all, it is well observed from the way how he connects the life episodes of the play with the reality of his private life, the things he has experienced and what he has gone through his life. And the connections are so tight that while reading the director’s plan, the thought might come to your mind – is not this play about this person himself and his life?
I consider that the artistic environment felt and thought by the director as well as the atmosphere created by him together with the artist for the charactors and the current life of the play are also personal. It is interesting how the director was creating this atmosphere and what inner sensitive and imaginative impulses he used, which outer - visual or written material he created, “sculptured” this world with (we can say nothing about the artist because the performance was not implemented and the sketches are not available either). Where would the characters of the play “come to life”, in which environment, in which atmosphere would they live? This is very interesting, because both the director and the artist have chosen this peculiar interpretation, this artistic world of the play to say exactly what they wanted to say about their attitude to the life and their conception.



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