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Lado Kutateladze (in memory of the artist)

Mariam Gachechiladze
Lado Kutateladze (1902-1981) was one of the leading masters of Georgian Fine Art of the XX century. He was one of the first graduating students of Tbilisi Academy of Fine Art.  
Creative works of Lado Kutateladze apply both to easel and book graphics.
He has created the bookplates, fonts for Georgian alphabet, has illustrated and published a few tens of books.   
His works are multifarious and of different genres. The important place in creative works of L. Kutateladze belongs to the past of our country and its present. The special attention is paid to the landscapes painting, images of different Georgian corners and views.  
As well important are his portraits, still lives and genre paintings performed in easel graphics. Lado Kutateladze has made a valuable contribution to immortality of Georgian architectural monuments.    
The artist attached the particular importance to ex-libris art and in student days ( 1930s) he worked in xylography technique. From 1969 he shows the preference to linocut. In this technique he has created the Georgian fonts and for book illustration - wrappers, covers, title pages, prefaces and afterwords and prints. The books, created in such a way, were more effective. Lado Kutateladze was a highly skilled professional and refined graphic artist.
ლადო ქუთათელაძის გამოფენაზელადო ქუთათელაძის გამოფენაზე
ლადო ქუთათელაძე

ძველი თბილისისანაპიროსვანეთი
სვეტიცხოველისერიიდან "საქართველოს არქიტექტურული ძეგლები" - დარეჯანის სასახლე. თბილისი

ქართული მხატვრული შრიფტის კომპოზიცია
წიგნისთვის "ალექსანდრე ყაზბეგი". სუპერი
შალვა კვასხვაძის ექსლიბრისითამარ სანიკიძის ექსლიბრისი

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