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Scientific Work of Zaqaria Maisuradze

Leila Khuskivadze

Scientific Work of Zaqaria Maisuradze (1912-1971)

Zaqaria Maisuradze was a prominent ceramist and scientist of the 20th century. He initiated scientific research in this realm in Georgia. His works refer to ancient as well as modern ceramics. Basing on the research of 11-13th century Georgian ceramics, Zaqro Maisuradze outlined a general picture of its development and revealed its national features. Consideration of the study of medieval ceramic works in other countries contributed greatly to this work. Zaqro Maisuradze performed great services for revealing the original technology (receiving black surface by means of covering it with soot) of creating black sparkling vessel discovered during archeological excavation. Using this technology he created small bowls which did not differ from ancient samples in terms of their artistic effect. The scientist studied other realms as well, like modern sculpture, stone relief and textile. Zaqro Maisuradze was particularly interested in folk art that defined the new stage in the creative work of this remarkable ceramist.

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